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Dayton-Phoenix is the OEM for radial resistors, which translates to a best-in-class part with life-cycle cost reductions for you. Our radial resistors will exceed maintenance overhaul schedules to provide years of field-proven reliability.

Dayton-Phoenix incorporates the latest design technologies in insulating materials and air flow/heat transfer advances in our radial resistors. In fact, our advanced technologies are covered by two U.S. patents.

Other advantages of our radial resistors:

  • Designed as exact replacement for most electric drive applications
  • High strength, state-of-the-art ceramics provided when required
  • Asbestos free
  • Develops lower back pressures on fans to improve air flow/heat transfer
  • Compensates for poor air flows at edge of grid from hatch design
  • Resistances to design requirements - tolerances of +/- 5% of nominal
  • Power levels to 200 kilowatts per unit
  • Custom designs available
Product Listing for "Radial Resistors" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
FR1367000 40010556 Radial Grid SD 50 Qty (3) per locomotive
FR1368000 40010557 Radial Grid SD 50 Qty (2) per locomotive
FR1369000 40010558 Radial Grid SD 50 Qty (1) per locomotive
FR1278000 40010560/40168680 Radial Grid (Alternative Reference PN: 40038123)
FR1279000 40010559/40168679 Radial Grid (Alternative Reference PN: 40038122)
FR1389000 40058048 Radial Grid
FR1488000 40072440/40168123 Radial Grid
FR1489000 40072441 / 40168124 RADIAL GRID
FR1288000 40108323 RADIAL GRID
FR1289000 40108324 RADIAL GRID
FR1459000 Indian GT50AC
FR1458000 Indian GT50AC
FR1088000 40044648 RADIAL GRID
FR1290000 40066957 RADIAL GRID
FR1291000 40069700 RADIAL GRID

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