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Dayton-Phoenix Blower Motors

Dayton-Phoenix is recognized for providing exceptional products capable of withstanding the challenging environment of locomotive applications. Our Blower Motors have demonstrated outstanding reliability and durability over a 50-year period. This wealth of experience contributes to the exceptionally rugged and reliable performance of our motors. All blower motors are built to railroad standards.

DC Grid Blower Motors

The refined technology of today's Grid Blower Motors offers proven reliability with superior performance. Dayton-Phoenix offers new motors ranging from 18 HP to 100 HP. We can also service older blower motor/fan assemblies.

Since we build all sub-assemblies ourselves and closely control the quality of every component, all our commutators are custom built to your particular motor's specifications. Every motor is built in-house by hand because of their complexity and the need to meet close dimensional tolerances.

All motors incorporate a heavy rolled steel frame that is custom fabricated, ground and polished to provide excellent structural integrity. Because of the high stress and temperatures of their operating environment, Class H insulation materials are used and the frame and coil are varnish-dipped and baked as a unit for increased structural rigidity. Zinc-plated hardware is used to eliminate corrosion.

Dayton-Phoenix grid blower fans are dynamically balanced to provide high speed performance that is smooth and virtually vibration-free. The unit's rugged tenon offers a positive mounting surface to assist proper piloting to reduce vibration and wear. All motors are performance tested under load and undergo vibration analysis prior to shipping.

Product Listing for "Grid Blower Motors" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
4A8112 Grid Blower Motor
4A8132 Grid Blower Motor
Horsepower: 36
Volts: 300
RPM: 1650
6A8132 Grid Blower Motor
Horsepower: 36
Volts: 300
RPM: 1650
7A8132 Grid Blower Motor
Horsepower: 36
A8592 Grid Blower Motor
Horsepower: 100
Volts: 450
RPM: 2000