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The Dayton-Phoenix Subbase HVAC units provide you with a rugged, long-lasting, reliable heating and air conditioning system for your locomotive. Our HVAC microprocessor system control monitors the unit's internal operation by assessing temperature (three different locations), high and low pressures, current and voltage levels to provide more efficient operation. The microprocessor also ensures that all heater elements are used equally, thus, extending heater life.

Comprehensive lnspection/Overhaul Cycle Extended to 5 Years

Dayton-Phoenix uses all AC motors to provide better reliability and reduced maintenance and shopping time by eliminating commutators, brushes, and slip rings. This effectively changes the maintenance cycle from 90 days to 5 years. We also build our own inverters so we can ensure their compatibility with the motor. Years of experience have given Dayton-Phoenix extensive knowledge about matching motor and inverter designs which benefits every HVAC we build.

The special semi-hermetic compressor was pioneered by Dayton-Phoenix. The motor employs a unique electronic control system that optimizes performance while minimizing system weight. The compressor's integral design eliminates couplings and alignment requirements and provides leak-free performance. R407C refrigerant is used to maintain cooling while meeting the latest environmental laws. This refrigerant has a proven performance history and proven system reliability. Minimal piping and connections provide smooth, efficient, and leak-free refrigerant flow. Refrigerant Migration Protection stops compressor slugging and extends unit life.

The subbase HVAC units include an RS232 serial communications port to allow quick access to diagnostic information that can assist in preventive maintenance by eliminating time-consuming shop testing. Diagnostic information includes high and low pressure, switch input error, over/under voltage, over temperature, and over current. The electronic module design, pioneered by Dayton-Phoenix, allows major electronic components to be easily replaced if maintenance is ever necessary.

The overall structural integrity of the unit's design has been optimized through the use of Finite Element Analysis and Vibration Tests. Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) is employed to ensure reliability and predictability, and each unit is performance-tested prior to shipping.


Product Listing for "HVAC, EMD Subbase" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
22109402 22109200 Subbase (EMD) Superseded by 2806300
2806300 40082621 Subbase (EMD) Superseded by 2815800
2806840 10649095 Cal-tran subbase heater only Superseded by 2806895
2806895 40089228 Cal-tran subbase
2806900 40088646 Subbase heater only superseded by 2806300
2815800 40082621 HVAC, EMD SUBBASE with Diagnostics Built-In