New Advantage Series™ Cab Heater and Phase Out of Older PM Series Cab Heater


Dayton, Ohio - Dayton-Phoenix Group is announcing the introduction of the Advantage Series™ cab heater product line.  The Advantage Series™ cab heater is designed to deliver improved performance and reliability to meet customer demands. As a result of this product introduction the prior generation of cab heaters, PM series, are being phased out and cancelled according to product life cycle management.  Details on the specific part numbers and lifecycle status is as follows.

Product Phase Out (M30):
We wish to inform you of the product part numbers (see PDF document linked below) which have entered the Product Phase Out (M30) lifecycle stage.

Last time purchases for these older model cab heaters will be accepted through September 30, 2017.

Spare parts for existing units will be available through December 15, 2017.

End of Product Lifecycle (M50) effective December 16th, 2017

Product Migration of PM Series to New DPG Series Cab Heater -
New Product Release to Market (M20)

Orders for a new direct replacement Product Release to Market (M20) Cab Heater part # DPG are now available. This new ADVANTAGE SERIES™ Cab Heater has been designed with the same footprint and available in the same configurations as its predecessor while providing additional benefits and on-going lower maintenance costs. (See PDF document linked below with PM to DPG cross reference table.)

For more information on DPG's new Advantage Series™ contact your local DPG sales engineer or call DPG at 1.800.657.0707.

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