Dayton-Phoenix Group and its divisions and subsidiaries form a synergistic whole that can provide your company with a broad range of quality products and services.

Dayton-Phoenix Group: Freight Locomotive

Our products meet ever-increasing demands for quality and reliability. Fuel-savings is mission critical to the success of the freight locomotive market. Whether you’re building smaller HP locomotives to do big jobs or making higher HP locomotives more efficient, Dayton-Phoenix can help.

Dayton-Phoenix Group: Passenger Locomotive

As commuting costs rise worldwide, an increasing range of hybrid locomotive designs are emerging in the market, combining the best of both freight and passenger products. Dayton-Phoenix has the expertise, experience and engineering capability to create components that meet your specific need.

Dayton-Phoenix Group: Off-Highway

No matter how grueling the application, we fill both standard and custom orders. We apply particular emphasis on the demanding conditions that require dynamic braking systems to reliably relieve the load on air braking systems... and meet your toughest application criteria.

Dayton-Phoenix Group: Engineered Systems

Our considerable in-house capability is a formidable competitive advantage. Our strength in engineered systems results from our ability to control everything from raw materials to process... enabling us to bend it, form it, weld it, shape it and deliver it to meet the specifics of whatever you require.

Dayton-Phoenix Group: Service

From rapid repair to remanufacturing, we back you up at every step. We’re naturally the best company to service the components we build... but if you need service on components built somewhere else, that is never a problem with our state-of-the-art approach to quality and delivery.

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Cooling Water Drain Valves

Our cooling water drain valves eliminate catastrophic engine freeze damage.

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Rooftop Accessories

We offer both the gaskets and the mounting frames: round roof frame, flat roof frame.

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