Conflict Minerals Statement

Dayton-Phoenix Group, Inc. supports all efforts to end the human suffering and environmental impact that has been associated with mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries.

Dayton-Phoenix Group, Inc. is committed to meeting all legislative and regulatory requirements that seek to eradicate this suffering. Tracing the origin and chain of custody of minerals throughout a global supply chain is a complex process. This can only be accomplished with the cooperation and support of a vast number of industries and public and private stakeholders.

Dayton-Phoenix Group, Inc. continues to work with its suppliers, industry groups and other stakeholders to develop and implement policies and systems to reduce the risk that minerals in our supply chain come from mines that finance or benefit armed groups in the DRC region.

To this end, Dayton-Phoenix Group, Inc. expects its suppliers and their suppliers to acquire minerals only from responsible sources.

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