Dayton-Phoenix Group has facilities in Ohio and Indiana incorporating over 14 acres under roof and enabling us to apply a wide range of testing, research and engineering processes to everything we do.

From engineering to remanufacturing, Dayton-Phoenix Group is here to serve you. Every area in each of our facilities was designed and built to fulfill a specific role. It's our commitment to delivering only the best product that has built our reputation of quality.


  • An Environmental Chamber enables us to determine the BTU of an air conditioner under simulated, free field, real-world conditions.
  • Our Vibration Test Stand means we can perform full simulation of conditions on a locomotive or other application, enabling us to take the vibration signature from a customer and duplicate those frequencies in-house to meet the need.
  • In the Air Conditioner Test Cell, we conduct final testing of an air conditioning unit in all modes, confirming amp ratings and ensuring no-fault electronics, before releasing the unit to the customer.
  • In the Balance Testing Area, the balance of blade and hub assemblies are tested in a two-plane environment to ensure smooth running operation, bearing longevity and top performance.
  • In Radiator Testing, units reach the final checkpoint for radiator cooling fan balance and vibration before release.
  • Our Motor Winding Area is where lower volume custom motors are completed and assembled in house.
  • Our in-house Stamping Press equipment enables us to keep a large stock of laminations available, for use in designing and building our own motors.

Additionaly, for after-market products we provide motor repair to remanufacture units to OEM standards or to meet customer specifications and modifications.

  • Freight Locomotive
  • Passenger Locomotive
  • Off-Highway
  • Service
  • Engineered Systems