Dayton-Phoenix Group Announces Phase Out of Mechanical Products and Components


Dayton, Ohio - Dayton-Phoenix Group (DPG) is announcing the obsoletion of various mechanical products and other parts. These are being phased out and cancelled according to DPG’s product life cycle management. Details on the specific part numbers and lifecycle status are in the full announcement linked below.

Product Phase Out (M30) and Product Cancellation (M40)

We wish to inform you of the product part numbers (see chart in full announcement - linked below) which have entered the Product Phase Out (M30) or Product Cancellation (M40) lifecycle stage. DPG will accept new orders for products entering the M30 for a period of two (2) months after announcements. After this period, these products will then enter lifecycle stage M40. For products entering the M40 stage, new orders will no longer be accepted effective immediately. Aftermarket parts will be available for one (1) year after announcements of a part entering the M40 stage.

Full Phase Out Announcement

  • Freight Locomotive
  • Passenger Locomotive
  • Off-Highway
  • Service
  • Engineered Systems