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Dayton-Phoenix has been building auxiliary generators for locomotive application since the late 1930s. An outstanding 50-year performance record testifies to the attention and expertise we put into each of the AC and DC generators we build. Cast-iron end frames provide superior vibration dampening and exceptional bearing support, minimizing shaft alignment problems. Dayton-Phoenix generators contain more copper than most, so they run cooler and longer, meeting critical ambient and temperature rise specifications.

All generators are dynamometer tested under load representing "actual use" situations. Sub-assemblies are surge and ground tested to ensure that each unit meets exacting specifications. Since we build all sub-assemblies ourselves, we can ensure the quality of the finished product.

Dayton-Phoenix manufactures all current standard DC generator sizes to 24 kW. All designs are based upon railroad standards. We can also custom build generators to your design specifications.

Product Listing for "DC Auxiliary Generators" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
2A8145M1 DC Auxiliary Generator
Volts: 74 DC
RPM: 920 - 2733
KW: 24
4A8102 DC Auxiliary Generator
Volts: 80 DC
RPM: 850 - 2733
KW: 18
6A7159 DC Auxiliary Generator
Volts: 80 DC
RPM: 850 - 2733
KW: 10