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Dayton-Phoenix dynamic braking complete modules are credited with best-in-class life-cycles, which mean cost reductions for you.

Our dynamic braking complete modules are engineered to replace a complete module — motor, fan, resistor, top cover, and cables. They are ready to drop in and connect with electrical.

Other benefits of our dynamic braking complete modules:

  • Power levels up to and exceeding 1 MW per resistor
  • Dynamic braking designs exceeding 940 amps and 2800 volts (bus)
  • Resistance tolerances as tight as + / - 5.0%
Product Listing for "Dynamic Braking Complete Modules" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
2810060 Complete Radial DB Module
2811630 Complete Radial DB Module
2810470 Complete Radial DB Module

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