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Locomotive Products | Engine Protector Rebuild Kits

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We are the OEM so you know your replacement parts will fit and last, which eliminates your risk of ordering the wrong part. Our engine protectors will exceed maintenance overhaul schedules to provide years of field-proven reliability.

We manufacture Delta P and P Type engine protector rebuild kits.

Product Listing for "Engine Protector Rebuild Kits" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
PM273 9535870 Rebuild Kit
PM5030 9505990 Rebuild Kits
PM272 9535869 Rebuild Kit
PM266 8467306 Rebuild Kit
PM269 8469590 Rebuild Kit
PM271 9535858 Rebuild Kit
PM5133 40009652 Rebuild Kit
PM5294-MK-1 40084556 Rebuild Kit
PM5294-MK-2 40084552 Rebuild Kit
PM315 8379503 Rebuild Kit

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