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Vaneaxial Fans and Assemblies

Dayton-Phoenix Group motor and fan components are designed to withstand torque changes and multiple starts, with heavy, custom fabricated rolled-steel frames, Class H insulation, and zinc-plated hardware. The motor bearing support systems are specifically designed to withstand high temperature operation for extreme long life. The fans incorporate unique inside-out motors that provide more horsepower in a smaller package than commercially designed motors. All motors are performance tested under load and undergo vibration analysis prior to shipping. Dayton-Phoenix Group builds all motor sub-assemblies in-house to close dimensional tolerances for superior quality control.

Advantages & Features

  • OEM Supplier
  • Built to withstand extreme conditions
  • All motor sub-assemblies are built in-house to close dimensional tolerances and quality control, with commutators custom built to your motor’s specifications
  • Dynamic, two-plane balance for high-speed, smooth, and virtually vibration-free operation
  • Exceeds OEM maintenance overhaul schedules
  • Up to 75,000 CFM
  • Motors ranging from 18–105 HP, 200–682 V and 60–133 Hz


  • Locomotive Cooling Fans
  • Dynamic Braking Grid Fans
    - Locomotive
    - Mining
  • Power Generation Cooling


  • Freight Locomotive
  • Passenger Locomotive
  • Off-Highway
  • Service
  • Engineered Systems