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Bell Ringer and Cartridge Assemblies

Dayton-Phoenix bell ringer and cartridge assemblies are designed for maximum wear and a long life with a critical O-Ring seal. A piston designed to eliminate stalling will also provide you with dependability for your locomotives.

Our bell ringer and cartridge assemblies also have the advantage of easy and low-cost maintenance. They can be serviced on the locomotive without removing the bell and no special tools are required. To keep your costs down, replacement of the inexpensive O-Ring will restore the ringer to a new condition.

Other advantages of our bell ringer and cartridge assemblies:

Simple Operation

  • Built in cadence.
  • Requires no delicate adjustments.

Replacement Cartridge Assembly

  • Replacement of the used cartridge assembly with either a new or previously serviced cartridge will restore ringer to operating condition.
  • When ordering replacement cartridge assembly please specify BR11O9.