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Dayton-Phoenix Group ventilators are designed to be used in all locomotive applications. They can be mounted on the top, side, or front surface of the cab. When side mounted and the ventilator is fully opened it is still within clearance limits.

Our ventilators are easily mounted, adjustable for direction, and lock in position for a simple installation.

Not only are our ventilators economically priced and practical, but they are made of rugged 12 gauge steel so you can count on durability.

Ordering References

  • PM406-2 ventilator has a 2” travel on the opener and it's for flat roof applications.
  • PM406-2-1 Same as the PM406-2, except it has a formed flange for the roof. Also, it's for rounnded roof applications.
  • To order optional inside trim ring, please specify P27634


  • PM406-2 & PM406-2-1 have a 9.75 diameter frame
  • Check with Dayton-Phoenix Group for more information.

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