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Toilet Assemblies

Dayton-Phoenix Group toilets are engineered to move, and our stainless and polyethylene toilets keep you moving in personal comfort.

Our toilets are designed in collaboration with major railroads, engineers, service personnel, and OEMs. The result is an efficient, reliable operation tailored to the locomotive crew environment.

The manual, recirculating operation is designed to meet, or exceed, the applicable requirements of EMD, GE, and several railroads. In return, the toilets are a compact and efficient facility for crew convenience that doesn’t disturb the crew environment.

Dayton-Phoenix Group conducts extreme testing beyond OEM requirements. The toilet design was vibration tested with a 400 pound load at four times above the locomotive pulse, and static load tested with 550 pounds. Also, the toilet design was filled to capacity with water and frozen at -30˚ F for 12 hours.

Other features of our toilets:

  • Offered with stainless steel or polyethylene bowls
  • Completely self-contained
  • 15 gallon capacity
  • Easily installed and serviced

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