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Dayton-Phoenix is the OEM for box resistors, which translates to a best-in-class part with life-cycle cost reductions for you. Our box resistors are 100% factory tested and will exceed maintenance overhaul schedules to provide years of field-proven reliability.

Innovative design features in insulation, resistive element, and case technologies and a flexible design system allows us to adapt design concepts and materials to a product that best meets your needs.

Other benefits of our box resistors:

  • Manufactured by Dayton-Phoenix Group since 1954
  • Over 230 styles/part numbers offered
  • Service repair parts for locomotives from new to 35+ years old
  • Resistances from 0.010 ohms to 6.0 ohms
  • Power levels to 20 kilowatts
  • Sizes to 60 inches long
  • Competitive pricing
Product Listing for "Box Resistors" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
FR4288-9 9337613 BOX GRID
ASM1420000 New Jersey Transit
FR152002 8445768 BOX GRID
FR153002 8445767 BOX GRID
FR4285-11 8185705 BOX GRID
FR4285-12 8185704 BOX GRID
FR4285-13 8304194 BOX GRID
FR4285-14 8347464 BOX GRID
FR4285-7 8304193 BOX GRID
FR4285-8 8185703 BOX GRID
FR4299-1 40085141 BOX GRID
FR4299-2 40085142 BOX GRID
FR4299-3 40085143 BOX GRID
FR4299-4 40085144 BOX GRID
FR4299-5 40085145 BOX GRID
FR4299-6 40085146 BOX GRID
FR54003-CT 6962778 BOX GRID
FR55003 8445755 BOX GRID
FR7001-A 8212284 BOX GRID
FR8001-A 8212285 BOX GRID
FR9001-A 8212286 BOX GRID
FR9501-A 8212287 BOX GRID
FR4288-2 9531560 Box Grid
FR4288-7 40017250 Box Grid
FR4288-8 40017249 Box Grid

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