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Dayton-Phoenix is the OEM for the resistors, which translates to a best-in-class part with life-cycle cost reductions for you. Our resistors will exceed maintenance overhaul schedules to provide years of field-proven reliability.

We keep our shunting resistors competitively priced and in rapid availability. Our shunting resistors are 100% factory tested to ensure quality for you.

  • Motor shunting / Battery charging / Small resistive load applications
  • Custom electrical and mechanical designs available
  • Manufactured by Dynamic since 1954
  • Over 230 styles / part numbers offered
  • Service repair parts for locomotives from new to 35 + years old
  • Resistances from 0.010 ohms to 6.0 ohms
  • Power levels to 20 kilowatts
  • Sizes to 60 inches long
Product Listing for "Shunting Resistors" category.
DPG Part # Reference # Description Details
FR248001 8473798 Shunting
FR249001 8475464 Shunting
FR250001 8475465 Shunting
FR260001 8485233 Shunting
FR23002 8238571 Shunting
FR172001 8384617 SHUNTING
FR21001 8004587 SHUNTING
FR256001 8485235 SHUNTING
FR275001 9317914 SHUNTING

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