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Advantage Series SCC Drive

Dayton-Phoenix Group products are engineered to move, and our new Advantage Series Solid-State Smart Compressor Controller (SCC) is designed to take that one step further with increased system reliability, reduced operation cost, and increased performance.

Dayton–Phoenix Group’s new, patented Solid–State SCC is designed specifically to eliminate troublesome mechanical contactors used in the operation of motor–driven air compressor systems for locomotives. Eliminating mechanical contactors can increase system operating times between outages and provide quicker paybacks for system upgrades.

These upgrades not only increase system reliability with a solid–state system but also increase safety of the system operations by reducing the likelihood of electrical arcing inherent with mechanical systems and by providing surge protection. This has the additional benefit of minimizing the cost of losing expensive 3–phase motors affected by system surges and arcing.

The new Advantage Series system is designed to bring life to your Air Compressor Drive system and is provided with an extended OEM warranty.

Dayton–Phoenix Group’s Solid-State SCC is also provided with a turn-key option.

Advantages are:

  • Two-speed control
  • SCR Power control
  • Convection cooled
  • Fault control indicator panel
  • Control cabinet mount easy-install unit
  • Overtemperature protection
  • Single-phase over current protection

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