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Air Compressor & Motor Rebuild

Dayton-Phoenix routinely rebuilds, designs and manufactures 3- and 4-cylinder motor-driven piston compressor motors, either single- or two-speed. Standard designs for a single-speed, 3-cylinder compressor motor are 6 pole, 8 pole, 14 pole and 24 pole. Standard designs for a two-speed, 3-cylinder compressor motor are 6/12 pole and  8/16 pole. Standard design for a two-speed, 4-cylinder compressor motor is  8/16 pole. The maximum HP for both the 3- and 4-cylinder compressor motor is 55.

Older compressor motor design has the rotor hanging on the compressor shaft, usually causing  “rotor rub” due to the weight and, eventually, will burn up the winding. Dayton-Phoenix’s unique design not only eliminates “rotor rub” but also maintains low full-load current and high EFF. Several major railroads have already replaced their older 3-cylinder motor-driven piston compressor motors with our design and have been successfully operating in the field for sometime now, without failure.

Dayton-Phoenix also designs NEMA type motors for screw-compressor applications.

Please contact your DPG Account Manager for your specific Rail or Non-Rail application requirement(s). 

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